Photography by
Danny Tucker

So, what to expect if I shoot with Mr Tucker?

Always difficult to pin down the specifics. I probably won't look very much like the picture here, unless we're in New York in the midst of a freezing cold winter. Which of course would be absolutely awesome; yes, please book me for New York!

I put the question to a few people who have been the other side of my lens and I'm seriously blushing - I was fully expecting to have to edit out all the mean and disgruntled ones! More info about your shoot or photography tuition by dropping me an email:

I've worked with Danny several times and each experience has been fun. Danny is a fantastic photographer in that he allows a model to be playful and as 'in character' as they want. I have felt encouraged to be myself and allow Danny to capture my personality, and also to play a character and work the camera with that role. Danny's approach is always professional and his passion for photography and capturing beautiful moments is evident in the images he creates.

My photoshoot with Danny was definitely an unforgettable and amazing experience. At the beginning I was a little nervous and couldn't get into the spirit straight away. After a few shots and with Danny's confidence boost, knowledge and experience, I was in high spirits. I felt so comfortable, safe and like I was in great hands. He has incredible knowledge of the industry and the end results are amazing. I'd recommend Danny over and over again.

It seems a little 'unfair' that Danny T can only receive 5 stars for his work. Each time I have worked with him he has been brilliant, to say the least - on time, great direction, extremely coordinated. His experience in the business definitely shines, he always makes me feel beautiful, comfortable and most importantly YOURSELF. He can transform the most ordinary and everyday scenes into the most stunning, jaw-dropping statement photographs. I love the way he perfectly captures people's personalities and quirks, each shoot coming with its own bit of magic.

Danny is down to earth, cool and exciting and the results far exceeded all my expectations. I couldn't say more for him as a photographer and to top it all off he is one of the coolest most laid back guys I have ever met. Danny is fun to be around and I always have so much fun shooting with him, never wanting the day to end. The photographs always come out more beautiful than imagined and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented, warm and genuine person.

Danny is both professional and authentic. Each time I've worked with him has been an absolute pleasure as I am always made to feel confident. Best of all, I always have fun.

This was my first professional photoshoot and unfortunately, the weather wasn't looking too good for outside shots. We talked about the type of photos I wanted to achieve and we spoke about our options with the weather and lighting. Danny gave advice when posing for shots and made me laugh and feel comfortable during the shoot. He was open to ideas and made suggestions to make sure I would be happy with the photos. He was the ultimate professional. The end product was nothing short of amazing. I was so happy with the natural yet artistic photos he took.

Working with Danny was a great experience. Not only was it fun, it was professional and I got to work with a photographer that knew what he was doing. I would most definitely model for him again, it's not every day you get to shoot on Magnetic Island!

Photo shoots with Danny are very enjoyable and I always feel comfortable on the other side of the camera. He has an unique ability to bring out anyone’s confidence - especially when he shares the final product with you!

He was great to work with in all situations. I love working with Danny, as he's passionate about his work and incorporates you as a person in your photoshoot making it an enjoyable experience all round. He is just a wonderful guy who I'd definitely shoot with again.

My husband and I have worked with Danny on a number of occasions, one of which was our wedding day. He is a fantastic photographer and is extremely professional in his approach to all aspects of both the photo shoots themselves and with his editing and utilisation of the photographs. His use of lighting is extraordinary and his photos are beautiful. I would definitely work with him again and can highly recommend his services

One of the first photographers I've worked with, Danny was fantastic. He made the whole photoshoot experience so relaxing, comfortable and was professional in every way. In particular, I loved how he shot from a variety of angles, to fully encapsulate the landscape, the model and the movement of the surroundings to produce such beautiful photos. In fact, he was so great to work with, that we have another shoot lined up! Great guy and an amazing photographer.

Danny is a very creative and talented photographer. His work is always very professional and original. Every photoshoot I have always felt excited, with very helpful prompts and directions given. But the most rewarding part is the feeling you get when you see the end result of the beautiful photos produced. A kind-hearted and skilful man; I would recommend him any day!

Danny was professional in his manner and helped me to feel comfortable and beautiful in the outfits I was wearing. As I did not have much photoshoot experience I found he gave me useful guidance as to what poses worked well and how to get the best out of my images, which turned out amazing! I would thoroughly recommend him as a photographer and would definitely book another shoot with him myself.

I've worked with Danny on multiple occasions over the last five years. He always has interesting shoot ideas and is open to collaboration. I did my second ever shoot with him and I was very nervous, but felt at ease quickly.  He is very professional, friendly and fun to work with.

I hadn’t worked with Danny before, my experience doing my first photoshoot was fun yet professional. I would absolutely love to do another shoot if I ever got the opportunity. Even when outfits didn't work, Danny did everything to make it happen and make me feel comfortable. Fantastic photos and would highly recommend.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Danny during one of my very first photo shoots! At first I was a little hesitant with poses, however he made me feel completely comfortable and able to act naturally. He even gave me some amazing direction and those where the photos that turned out the best in my opinion. This experience was a great learning curve and fun too.

Danny is a talented photographer and I feel that his approach is highly professional, I have only experienced one shoot with him and I was made to feel extremely safe and comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for professional photographs.

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